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Brian O’Leary, publishing expert, weighs in on news and insights from the publishing and content marketing industry. Read the articles below that include publications like The New York Times.

How conversion architectures can benefit book publishers
Brian O’Leary explains how conversion architectures work -the basis of his BookNet Canada presentation. February 5, 2015

“What the Hachette-Amazon pas-de-trois means” 
In Porter Anderson’s article, Brian O’Leary comments on Hachette Book Group’s agreement to buy Perseus Books Group – and to then sell the distribution units of Perseus to Ingram Content Group. June 25 2014

A Perspective on the Platform Approach
“DailyWorth’s spin on the platform approach”, by Lucia Moses on June 18 2014

BookExpo America
“Demystifying subscription models”, a panel at BookExpo America. May 28 2014

Preview in Klopotek
“An architecture of collaboration: A preview”. April 2014

Print on Demand
“LightningSource and print on demand: ‘Cost savings breakthrough for publishers’”, by Ava Seave, writing for 23 2013 

A Flawed Offer
“Independent bookstores should negotiate a better offer with Amazon Source”, posted on November 7 2013 

Context Not Container
“Reflections on Books in Browsers 2013”, Anna von Veh. November 1 2013 

Publishing Business Conference 
“Whose workflow is it, anyway”, a panel discussion held at the Publishing Business conference. September 24 2013 

Publishing Niches
“Go read this: Small ponds”, by Eoin Purcell. August 2013

AAUP Annual Meeting
“Digital piracy review and discussion”, AAUP annual meeting. June 21 2013 

Owning Up
“Businessman closes product, community outraged! The death of Tools of Change”, by David Smith, writing for Scholarly Kitchen. May 9 2013

Community Obligations
“Tim O’Reilly is no Amanda Palmer”, by Porter Anderson, Publishing Perspectives. May 6 2013

The Impact of Abundance
Talking with Copyright Clearance Center’s Chris Kenneally about the impact of abundance on content models. April 15 2013 

Book Business Board
“An interview with Book Business advisor Brian O’Leary”, Book Business. March 2013

“Metadata goes global” discussion
Calvin Reid of Publishers Weekly covers a discussion with Laura Dawson and Brian O’Leary. Moderated by Mark Dressler, the panel took place at the Frankfurt Book Fair. —October 12 2012

Executive Roundtable (PT)
Publishing Trends describes an Executive Roundtable hosted by O’Reilly Media and Publishers Weekly. Brian O’Leary presented in the morning. —February 19 2012

Executive Roundtable (PW)
Publishers Weekly covers an Executive Roundtable it co-hosted with O’Reilly Media. Brian O’Leary presented in the morning. —February 14 2012

An experiment
Appearing in Publishers Weekly, an op-ed piece by Brian O’Leary suggests that Amazon’s “free book” program for its Prime subscribers offers publishers an opportunity to extend the range of tests they have already been doing to establish the value of free content as a promotional tool. —November 25 2011

Internet Evolution on Google Editions
Robert McGarvey interviewed Brian O’Leary on how Google Editions may change book consumption. —May 10 2010

Agile content presentation at IPG 2010
The Bookseller covers the Independent Publishers Guild 2010 conference, kicked off with an overview of agile content presented by Brian O’Leary. —March 23 2010

HarperStudio on Tools of Change (and Digital Printing)
Debbie Stier talks about things she learned TOC 2010, starting with an unplanned visit to our session on digital printing. —February 26 2010

Publishing Trends recaps TOC 2010
Laura Hazard Owen reports on piracy (Brian O’Leary) and music industry lessons on DRM (Kirk Biglione), among other talks. —February 25 2010

Digital printing (a TOC workshop)
Ashley Gordon and Brian O’Leary co-presenting a workshop on digital printing at the 2010 Tools of Change conference. —February 23 2010

Internet Evolution on Book Piracy Claims
Robert McGarvey gathers reactions that question the underpinnings of recent estimates of sales lost to piracy. —January 27 2010

Free content can promote paid sales
The NY Times looks at using free content, quotes Brian O’Leary (okay, briefly, but Motoko Rich got many others on record, so read it!) —January 23 2010

A piracy Q&A with Book Business
An exchange with Matt Steinmetz in advance of the March 2010 Publishing Business conference —January 21 2010

Even the most pirated e-books won’t bring publishing down
At BNET, Lydia Dishman parses the impact of TorrentFreak’s list of the “most pirated” books —January 12 2010

Podcast interview with David Wilk
An interview that starts with piracy and then heads west. —December 29 2009

If eBooks Are the Future, Do Publishers Have a Plan?
Fast Company tackles the e-book question, interviewing several people, including Mike Shatzkin and Brian O’Leary.—November 24 2009

The distress over digital
Publishers Weekly writes about TOC – Frankfurt and criticism of the P2P study —October 19 2009

Savikas responds to TOC criticism
A trade house executive feels our work is “misleadingly skewed” and that “no attempt was made to suggest how different the patterns might be for a mass market.” —October 16 2009

“The piracy issue was dealt with very poorly”
Equal time: concerns from some trade publishers about the piracy research. —October 15 2009

P2P threat may be overstated
Publishers Weekly coverage of the TOC – Frankfurt piracy research presentation. —October 14 2009

Piracy may boost sales, research suggests
The Bookseller (U.K.) covers a presentation Brian O’Leary gave at Tools of Change for Publishing – Frankfurt. —October 14 2009

An overview of several TOC – Frankfurt presentations
Coverage appearing in Publishing Perspectives included reporting on Cory Doctorow and the piracy research. —October 14 2009

Thoughts at an NYU panel on the future of publishing
Moderated by Mike Shatzkin, the panel ranged widely. Brian O’Leary spoke about the use of print-on-demand technology. —July 19 2009

DRM, Piracy and the Concept of Free in Book Publishing
Books On The Radio writing about a piracy podcast with Kirk Biglione (links to the original podcast) —July 14 2009

Boston Globe article on Northshire Bookstore’s new POD device
Brian O’Leary comments on the role of POD technology in an independent retail setting. —June 29 2009

Interview: Brian O’Leary at BEA
Podcast interview about piracy with Wet Asphalt —June 12 2009

Chat with Brian O’Leary on Book Piracy
A Monkey Bear Reviews blog chat about piracy. —June 02 2009

BookExpo America 2009: Study Calls E-book Piracy ‘Overstated’
Publishers Weekly on piracy research (BEA 2009) —May 29 2009

The Piracy Project: A BEA Update
Interview with Chris Kenneally of the Copyright Clearance Center : The Piracy Project: A BEA Update. Podcast interview and a PDF transcript of interview. —May 21 2009

A C-SPAN moment in time
Before Magellan, Brian had a somewhat different day job. —February 14 1991