A digital shift

Last fall, Cory Doctorow was invited to present at the Library of Congress (LOC) as part of an event held there in October. The LOC recently posted a video of Doctorow's talk, and he links to it on his primary site, boing boing.

If you are interested in copyright, eBooks, DRM, piracy or the role of libraries in an age of digital reading, make time to watch the entire video. Even if you've heard Doctorow speak on these topics (perhaps at the recent Tools of Change conference in New York), the video is a worthwhile investment.

The entire video runs about an hour; Cory's prepared remarks make up a bit more than half of that time. Personally, I found his engagement with the audience as useful as his structured comments, but not everyone has a full hour to spare. If you have to choose, go with the prepared remarks.

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