(Almost) free lunch

After a hiatus, Association Media & Publishing is once again offering lunch-and-learn programs in the New York area. The first session for 2012 takes place on March 5.  Hosted by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, the program will address “Using content to acquire new members”.

In developing the idea, the planning committee recognized that almost all associations create and disseminate content as part of their missions, but not all do so in a way that helps build awareness, trial and ultimately membership. The March 5 lunch will examine:

At least three more sessions are planned in 2012.  In turn, they are expected to cover “using content to earn non-dues revenue”, “cross-platform content workflows that don’t break the bank” and “digital-first and digital-only publishing: options for successful implementation”.  I’ll announce future dates as they are set.

The four sessions planned for this year are jointly sponsored by Firebrand Technologies and Magellan Media.  Registration is open now; the program is free for members of Association Media & Publishing and costs a nominal $50 for non-members.  A box lunch is provided.

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Founder and principal of Magellan Media Consulting, Brian O’Leary helps enterprises with media and publishing components capitalize on the power of content. A veteran of more than 30 years in the publishing industry and a prolific content producer himself, Brian leverages the breadth and depth of his experience to deliver innovative content solutions.

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