Climbing Small Mountains

Loyalty expert, speaker and consultant James Kane recently sent me a link to a four-minute video of a seven-year-old testing a home-made Rube Goldberg device.

I want you to watch the video, so I won’t give away the ending.  I’ll wait here while you go watch it.

Kind of quiet without visitors, don’t you think?

Oh.. hi! Welcome back. Kind of a cool video, isn’t it?

I love how the seven-year-old in the video designs, tests, refines, monitors and ultimately succeeds in creating the desired result. I love even more how much he celebrates the win.

I write a fair amount about the Rube Goldberg devices that legacy publishing has inherited and continues to maintain. Today, I’ll not rail on about such things.

Instead, I’ll say an encouraging word about the value of focusing on outcomes. Doing so can help us climb small mountains. And when it works?  Well, woot!

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