Debating “Less or More” on Emerging Platforms

While attending South by Southwest a few years ago, I wrote a post about “The seven deadly myths of mobile”, recapping a presentation by Josh Clark. In a keynote that opened O’Reilly Media’s one-day Tools of Change event, Clark warned against watering down mobile sites.

Since then, a bit of a debate has developed between Clark and usability expert Jakob Nielsen. Some arguments resist condensation, and these two points of view are on that list of things you should read yourself. Suffice it to say that Clark has not changed his mind about making mobile content consumption a rich experience.

While offering a set of diverging perspectives, Clark and Nielsen do everyone a service by engaging in a spirited debate about the best way to meet the needs of mobile content consumers. It is possible that future delivery models may divide between “robust” and “streamlined” use preferences, but the options are something we all want to consider before deciding the best path.

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