Growing digital exports

Earlier this week, I joined the annual general meeting of the Association of Canadian Publishers (ACP) to participate in and present at the organization’s professional development day.

The meeting included a number of helpful presentations and discussions, including a session on “selling and marketing books to niche and regional markets” and a set of updates related to eBound Canada, ACP’s successor to its Canadian Publishers Digital Services unit.

At the meeting, I presented a summary of “Best practices in digital exports”, a research report written for and published by Livres Canada Books. The report is now available for sale (at a very affordable price of C$30) through Livres Canada Books.

Questions around the nature and implications of digital exports have been growing. Just this week, Ed Nawotka at Publishing Perspectives posed the question, “Is there a downside to selling your e-books abroad?”

The nature and timing of digital sales outside a home territory are issues that are likely to grow in importance and complexity over the next few years. Although the presentation and report are targeted at the needs of Canadian publishers, the thinking may be useful to any publisher looking to maintain or grow their sales of digital content.

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