Gurus and disruptors

Earlier this fall, I wrote a post describing a new relationship we've formed with Quantum Media, a consulting consortium based in New York. Through the Harvard Business School Club of New York (HBSCNY), Quantum organizes and hosts two programs, Media Gurus and Media Disruptors, that feature people doing interesting work in print, digital and broadcast media.

On January 15, the Media Disruptor program will feature Ben Lerer, co-founder & CEO of the Thrillist Media Group. The company runs a men’s lifestyle brand (, a members-only shopping club ( and a local experiences platform (Thrillist Rewards).

The event takes place at 7 p.m. at the Harvard Club in midtown New York. Anyone can register for the event, which costs $15 if you're a member of the HBSCNY and $40 if you're not.

The next Media Guru event takes place on February 5, when Charlie Redmayne will talk about Pottermore, where he is CEO. I'll be moderating this hour-long event, which will start promptly at 8 a.m. at the Harvard Club. Registration ($25 for HBSCNY members; $55 for non-members) is now open.

With a handful of exceptions, these events are off-the-record conversations, with audience engagement taking up a significant share of the scheduled time. This fall, the Media Guru series has already featured:

  • Alan Murray, executive editor with the Wall Street Journal;
  • Liz Schimel, EVP and chief digital officer at Meredith; and
  • Jonas Bonnier, President and CEO with Bonnier AB

This spring, at least three more events will follow the conversations with Ben Lerer and Charlie Redmayne. If you're interested, the upcoming schedule is posted on the Quantum site. You can also add yourself to the mailing list to receive periodic updates and reminders about the series.

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