Household math, continued

Earlier this year, I reported on our household purchase patterns for e-books after buying a new Kindle. The initial results: more books purchased, fewer dollars spent.

Since that first analysis, we’ve bought another 124 books over five months, about 25 a month. Purchase patterns are pretty even: we buy between 23 and 27 e-books each month, at prices that range from $1.99 to $9.99 (none higher).

The average price has bounced around a bit ($5.20 through August, $4.96 through September), but the pattern at this point is pretty well established. Even if all the books in October were bought for $9.99 each, the average price paid would rise to only $5.80 – and it is not likely that all the books will be bought at the high end of the range.

In our household, I don’t do much of the e-book purchasing. Okay, I don’t do any of it. But a survey of one suggests that my earlier supposition, that restricted use translates into a lower price, is happening in practice.

You can imagine how I feel about surveys of one. For discussion purposes only; your mileage may vary.

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