In praise of heretics

Recently, Kirk Biglione tweeted a link to "Web typography for the lonely", a small site that hopes to "excite designers about the possibilities of cutting-edge web standards and javascript through beautiful and inspiring typographic explorations."

If you read this blog regularly (or just once, for that matter), you know that I favor text over graphics. That's not necessary or even wise, and maybe this year I'll try to restore a balance. "Web typography for the lonely" intrigued me for more than its practical advice, though.

In one site, you can see the outlines of an enthusiast willing to build passion for a craft. You can also see the value in sharing, both on the site and through Github.

Enthusiasts are breaking out all over, with some succeeding commercially. A friend and former collegue from Time Inc., Annie Modesitt, runs a knitting web site, Knitting Heretic, that is a bit of a hub for instructional videos, online classes and in-person tutorials. She's a publisher in her own right, as well.

Soon enough, heretics may be the norm, and not just in knitting.

An additional note: The web typography site hasn't been updated since mid-2011. With some encouragement, may its site owner come back to enrich us all a bit more.

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