Inflection points (2013)

Yesterday, I provided an overview of visitor behavior in the month since we introduced a mobile version of our web site content. The changes appear to have helped increase the share of visitors using mobile devices as well as the time spent on our site and the number pages viewed per visit.

A recent column by Michael Martin on Search Engine Land estimates that today, less than 10% of the web is mobile-ready. That's in line with the share of traffic coming from mobile devices (thought to be 9%), but it is also a missed opportunity for most web sites.

Although Martin focuses on e-commerce implications, he also links to some statistics that Google has compiled to encourage mobile development. Among these: 2013 is seen as the year that web traffic from mobile devices will exceed that from laptops and desktops.

We still have some work to do on our use of mobile (the navigation at the top might be streamlined, for example). I'll try to write from time to time about our thinking and experience gained along the way.

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