Just enough of a good thing

Dave Kellogg, Mark Logic’s CEO, recently reviewed a part of the StartWithXML research report. The report includes a chart that plots content complexity and potential for reuse, something we used to help match the level of investment in XML to its expected benefits of XML to the level.

Dave makes three important points about the chart and its implications: that content reuse is for more than long-lived STM or educational content; that the debate about XML is not black & white, but gray; and that certain types of non-STM, non-educational content are indeed highly reusable — e.g., reference, tourism, and cooking.

Mark Logic is of course a pre-eminent supplier in the XML space, and Dave’s point of view is shaped by both experience and the range of objections he has heard in marketing his firm’s services. I’ve written before about the value of agile content; Mark Logic is certainly committed to bringing its benefits to publishers.

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