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At ASAE’s annual meeting and exposition, James Heib of the Marble Institute of America presented an interesting learning lab, “Association Publications – Beyond Just Revenue”. The presentation and group discussion uncovered a range of ways that associations can leverage the power of content. Six core ideas:

Use publications as an incentive to acquire or renew members. Keep track of how you do in boosting results in these efforts – it can help justify an investment in more content.

  • To look bigger and be of greater service to your members, sell relevant books published by other associations, groups or for-profit publishers
  • Create a niche: rebrand a professional series as a member “toolkit”; target a group (e.g., “young professionals”) whose content needs may not yet be met by established industry publications; try publishing “just-in-time" content, like single chapters or compilations of topic-driven chapters from several publications.
  • Consider cross-over compilations: content taken from books, magazines, newsletters, blogs and other media can provide a great snapshot of the state of the state for a specific topic.
  • Cross-sell print content in webinars and other media that help members gain insight while avoiding travel expenses
  • Sidestep expensive video; try using Flip video cameras or their equivalent to record short segments that promote the content you have

The discussion also pointed out that the investments can be managed using small-footprint technologies like print on demand to help your association minimize waste and manage its content investments.

With more polished, professional video costing $1,000 a (finished) minute., Heib suggesting looking for industry sponsors with an interest in and affinity for the content featured in your video. The support can grow partnerships, as well. For more information, contact Jim Heib or leave a note here. Feel free to contribute our own ideas, as well.

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