Mediabistro’s job report

If you visit this blog regularly, you know I’m a big fan of data. Imagine my delight when Mediabistro combed its job postings to give us all a state of the state when it comes to publishing employment.

Among the highlights: while job listings are down, they are down much more at the companies that used to advertise most. Mediabistro notes that in 2007, the top 10 posters on their board accounted for 19 percent of all postings. In 2009, those same companies accounted for just 8 percent of listings.

While the total pool is smaller, some jobs have become relatively more available. These include: PR positions, with a 22% gain in market share; marketing, with an 18% gain; and online/new media, with a 15% gain in share.

Less promising categories: TV, with a 19% decline in market share; (surprisingly) teaching, with a 13 percent drop in 2009; and magazine publishing, advertising, and graphic design, all tied for a 9 percent drop in share.

The full press release offers data on most desired jobs (based on persistence in the application), as well.

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