Mobile reading 201

Liza Daly, whose consulting practice developed Bookworm as well as the IBIS reader, has posted a couple of useful tutorials on e-book preparation.

The first, a video of a presentation she gave at Booknet Canada’s Tech Forum, provided an effective overview of the primary mobile platforms, how they differ and what to keep in mind when preparing e-book files to be read on them.

The second tutorial, “Build a digital book with EPUB“, dates back to 2008, but it was behind an IBM registration wall until recently. In it, Daly walks through the basics, offering a how-to that can quickly inform even the least digital publishers.

Daly speaks reasonably often at industry events and conferences, and her presentations always offer value and something new. She was recently elected to an open spot on the IDPF board of directors, good news for the many of us rooting for the deployment of EPUB as a digital reading standard.

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