Not a graduated response

Last week, in Monday Note, Frederic Filloux endorsed “Graduated Response”, Attributor’s five-month study of the “use of unauthorized contents [sic] on the internet”.

I probably shouldn’t expect that someone who starts his post with “It’s high time to fight the theft of news-related contents [sic], really” is going to delve into things like methodology and the extent to which “theft” is equivalent to “loss”. Still, I’d expect that Filloux and his co-blogger, Jean-Louis Gassee, might have at least paused before dreaming of the day that Google or Bing acquires Attributor.

Reality check: as I’ve posted before, Attributor is a technology in search of a market, and it has been working diligently to spread the idea that digital content, unsupervised, will end content businesses as we know them.

Filloux has made up his mind that we face a “ruinous information piracy problem”. Let’s hope that Google and Bing are somewhat more data-driven in their analysis of Attributor’s value.

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