Ongoing conversations

Last week, I linked to some coverage of a public conversation about metadata that Laura Dawson and I had with Mark Dressler while at the Frankfurt Book Fair. Afterwards, the post collected 40 comments, which is about 40 more comments than most of my posts ever see.

The comments, started by Peter Turner and extended by Laura Dawson, Peter McCarthy, Brett Sandusky, Thad McIlroy, Adam Salomone and Ed DeCaria, build into a conversation about how metadata does, doesn't and might someday work. Everyone contributed a perspective, with some overlap and a few bones of contention.

If there's a way to reduce these 40 comments to a portable post, I've not found it yet. Instead, go read the exchanges. It starts with metadata and (almost) ends with T.S. Eliot. What's not to like?

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