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Yesterday, Publishers Weekly reported that on-demand production of books surpassed conventional (print-to-inventory) methods for the first time.

The switch is a function of three things: a decline in publisher willingness to print to inventory; growth in non-traditional publishing services; and awareness that POD makes sense when annual demand is low or unpredictable.

Earlier this week, PW also noted that large-print formats are coming into their own.

While that trend is linked to a growing number of e-book readers in the market, it also demonstrates the value of more agile content workflows that can create large-print versions at minimal cost. Single copies of these large-print editions can then be printed on demand and delivered without creating more and likely slower-moving inventory.

BISG’s annual conference, “Making Information Pay”, included a Bowker study that uncovered strong support for the Kindle among mature boomers and their elders. This reader-led growth in on-demand and large-format sales is a sign that publishers who do more to make “write once, read many” a reality will reap rewards from grateful consumers.

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