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On its web site, Entrepreneur recently posted “10 reasons your small business shouldn’t start a blog”.

Reading a headline like that, I was prepared for an anti-blog rant. It turns out that the post’s author, Carol Tice, gives solid advice about the operational and motivational underpinnings of an effective business blog.

With a tip of that hat to Ms. Tice, then, I’d like to reframe her recommendations as a somewhat more actionable list of “things you should do to make your blog successful”. Operationally: Make the time

  • Have something to say
  • Maintain a clear writing style and tone
  • If you delegate posts, do so fully
  • Make your blog attractive, readable and free from mechanical errors

As for motivation: Be clear why you are blogging

  • Build and connect with an audience
  • Remain open to comments and feedback
  • Be prepared to promote your writing in other social media

Even framed in a more positive light, that’s a daunting to-do list. But with more and more publishing moving to the web, authors, editors and publishers are being called upon to step into a two-way, bloggy conversation. Getting that right takes practice and time, but it makes for a one pretty good reason to start.

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