Rust never sleeps

Yesterday I dreamed of digital tools that would help collate my interests. There’s also a content provider angle.

O’Reilly Media’s Mac Slocum recently interviewed Ted Roden, author of “Building the Realtime User Experience“, about the implications of ongoing shifts away from a “website-centric model” to something more user-oriented.

Although much of Slocum’s interview covers the user experience, Roden answers two questions about what publishers need to consider and how they will track results.

On the first question, retooling editorial processes to make effective use of different platforms will clearly require new skills and an evolving set of experiments.

With respect to analytics, Roden points out that the tools are coming. Publishers will need to determine what to measure and how those measurements will inform operational practices. They will also need new skills to understand how to manage in a direct-response environment.

The interview was condensed for its appearance on O’Reilly Radar, so be sure sure to read he comments, including one in which Roden answers a criticism about focusing too greatly on monetizing user experiences.

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