Ten rules for radicals

Recently Hugh McGuire sent me a link to Carl Malamud’s talk, “10 Rules for Radicals”.

In responding to come comments on a recent blog post, I linked to Malamud’s talk and highlighted one of his ten rules:

“Get standing. Have some skin in the game, some reason you’re at the table.”

As I noted in my response, Malamud uses “standing” in the legal sense – you are engaged in a way that gives you a right to file a grievance. It need not be so limited.

I wanted to highlight Malamud’s work on the front page of the blog because I think his rules can be quite useful to the many among us who care about the future of publishing. His entire talk is instructive, and I encourage you to follow Hugh McGuire’s advice (to me) and read it. But if you need a teaser, here are three on-point rules:

  • call everything an experiment;
  • when the starting gun goes off, run really fast; and
  • don’t be afraid to fail.

There is more, and it is based on a good history. Make time to click on the link.

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