The more things change

Mathew Ingram, writing at paidContent, last week covered the launch of LinkedIn's news channels. Registered users can now choose to follow a curated mix of reports on a variety of topics.

This latest content initiative comes on the heels of last month's agreement to buy Pulse, the service that "aggregates news from different industries and presents it to viewers in a tilelike, graphical interface." The news channels won't win design awards, but some of the topic areas have already racked up more than a million followers.

This is the third month in a row that I've found reasons to write about LinkedIn. In March, Digiday's Josh Sternberg described LinkedIn as "a sleeping giant of publishing." Sternberg argued that when measured as a business-to-business publisher, LinkedIn offered its users a number of web-savvy advantages.

For his part, Ingram also drew upon comments made at paidContent Live by Dan Roth, who oversees LinkedIn's news initiatives. Focusing on contributions from what the site calls "influencers", Roth talked openly about the need for authentic voices, even (especially?) with contributions from well-known CEOs. The more things change … 

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