Wealthy, wireless, wise

Mediamark Research & Intelligence (MRI), the research firm best known for its work in the periodical and advertising realm, recently released findings from a study of who owns the 2.1 million dedicated e-readers believed to be in use in these United States (the press release is available as a PDF on the firm’s web site). As publishers start to consider the audiences most likely to adopt e-reading, the findings are directionally interesting. MRI found that e-readers are:

Affluent. The average e-reader owner is 87 percent more likely than the average adult to have household incomes of $100,000 or more annually.

Untethered. This group is 199 percent more likely to access the Internet outside of the home via WiFI or wireless connection during a 30-day period. They are also said to be 154 percent more likely to have access the Internet using a cell phone or other mobile device.

Educated. The e-reader owner is 111 percent more likely to have a bachelor’s or post-graduate degree.

Male (more often). About 56% of the e-reader owners are … not women.

That MRI is looking at device owner profiles signals potential interest in the e-reader audience among magazine publishers and their advertisers. This has been reported elsewhere, as has the possibility of magazines making their own reading devices.

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