What’s next

Yesterday, I gave an overview of process recommendations that would help improve the quality and effectiveness of book industry product metadata. The work grows out of a research study prepared for the Book Industry Study Group (BISG).

The report also offers five "future-proofing" recommendations. These include:

  • Working to further automate data workflows
  • Preparing for more frequent updates, particularly around price
  • Harmonizing metadata workflows for print and digital products
  • Discontinuing the use of style tags, which many recipients do not support
  • Finding ways to engage new supply-chain entrants, some of whom may not see the value in metadata standards

The full report includes background on current practices of both senders and receivers as well as the results of 30 interviews and 125 responses to a North American-wide survey. I'll post a link when the report is made available by BISG.

Edited June 25 to add: The metadata report is now available through BISG. The full report is offered for $199 (members) and $499 (non-members). An executive summary, part of the full report, is available without charge to members and for $49 for non-members.

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