Yes, MaaS

At the start of this week, I linked to a pair of posts written by my consulting colleague, Ava Seave, who had covered Kobo for her column. Seave started posting there earlier this year, as part of the site's "Media & Entertainment" channel.

Seave kicked off September with a profile of a technology company, Friend2Friend, that has partnered with publishers to collect, process and evaluate user-generated content (UGC). The firm worked with Outside magazine to gather information for its "best places to live" issue.

Seave calls this partnership "media as a service" (MaaS), paralleling the widely-used "software as a service" term used to describe cloud-based, a la carte models for providing computing and productivity benefits. In her telling, Friend2Friend's MaaS offer is "bringing innovation to editorial content".

I agree with Seave's perspective here, particularly at a time when mobile is becoming the dominant platform for accessing and consuming web-based content. Her work reminded me of "The seven deadly myths of mobile", a talk given by Josh Clark of Global Moxie that I dubbed "content as a service". We're all in the API business now.

Acknowledging that Seave is a colleague (and a friend), I do recommend that you consider following her posts. She takes a focused approach ("the bloody details") to the companies she profiles, and along the way she offers insights you won't see anywhere else. You have to like that.

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