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Last week, I posted a bibliography of mobile reading that I had used to develop an update to a presentation, “Mobile reading (really!) comes of age”.

The update was prepared for a forum, “Mobile technologies in libraries”, whose program was planned and presented by NISO last Friday. Because the slides are data-heavy (not really what Nancy Duarte would recommend), I posted the entire presentation ahead of time on Slideshare.

On Friday and over the weekend, the Slideshare upload picked up a share of Twitter and LinkedIn chatter (the folks at Slideshare sent me notes to that effect). You may have seen that and already clicked through. If not, feel free to take a look.

If mobile reading is a topic you’re just starting to get your arms around, you might want to consider a half-day session scheduled in Washington, DC on June 1.

Sponsored by Association Media & Publishing, the pre-conference workshop, “Is mobile right for us?”, will include presentations from three consultants and an industry supplier. I will be moderating the afternoon and reviewing a version of the update given at NISO.

All of the presenters have been heavily involved in developing the agenda and content for the workshop. Although the event is targeted at associations, I think it holds promise for anyone interested in the creation, management and distribution of mobile content.

A note of thanks: When I posted the bibliography last week, I was remiss in not acknowledging the early support and encouragement of NFAIS in developing what became the first draft of that presentation in 2009. I’ve updated it twice since then (with mobile, three months is a lifetime), but my affection for and appreciation of NFAIS remains undiminished.

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