No bad news

Over the weekend, coincident with BookCamp Toronto, Liza Daly of Three Press Consulting unveiled ePub Zen Garden, a work in progress that gives designers and readers an opportunity to apply different styles to a common manuscript. File this under the heading of “wouldn’t it be really cool if you could read the way you wanted to read?”

Also given a public airing at BookCamp Toronto is an intriguing XML production project exploring the opportunities and implications of creating and managing web-based content using an approach that is said to be “seamlessly integrated with Adobe CS print production.” The project is led by John Maxwell of Simon Fraser University, and I learned of it from one of the team members, Meghan MacDonald.

Via Jane Litte of Dear Author (and a tweet from Adam Hodgkin of Exact Editions) comes a reminder that Google is thinking about rights in a way that might help the rest of us shape how we decide to think about rights. File this under “Why reinvent the wheel?”

And for a bit of blog-as-bedtime story, I point to “My Milk Toof”, which Laura Dawson found over the weekend. Narrative fiction and children’s literature may yet survive.

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