Read 2.0 is Mobile (and Global)

Last month, I posted an overview of “Mobile devices and delivery of information“, an NFAIS conference (hashtag #nfais) that is being held in Philadelphia today. I start the meeting by looking at the global market for digital content, with a bit of a focus on books.

The slides for my talk, “Read 2.0 is mobile (and global)“, are posted on SlideShare. In the presentation, I return to four core themes that continue to resonate for this part of the market:

  • Demand for mobile content is expanding rapidly
  • This demand has global implications for content providers
  • Growth in mobile reading is seen across both dedicated and multi-function devices, and
  • Content forms are evolving along with the platforms

At the back end of the presentation, I offer some (hopefully) practical advice about implementation, getting ready for new digital models, getting started and going global. If you’re a regular reader, the ideas will sound familiar, even if the package is new.

I’d also like to put in a good word for NFAIS, founded in 1958 to support more effective dissemination of scientic and technical information. They have five more topic-specific meetings scheduled in 2012, including two (May 2, June 15) targeting library issues. All NFAIS meetings include virtual as well as in-person attendance options.

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