Speed bumps

I've written a lot about piracy and a fair amount about DRM, particularly how it creates platform lock-in. Much of what there is to say has already been said.

A couple of weeks ago, paidContent's Laura Hazard Owen landed a first-person account from someone who had become a convert to breaking DRM. This time, though, that person is a publisher.

Her piece is reasonably short and worth reading in its entirety. A brief excerpt from the (anonymous) publisher captures its spirit:

"… I don’t think DRM is good for the publisher, author or customer. Don’t pro-DRM publishers realize this is one of the key complaints from their customers? I’ve heard plenty of customers tell me that e-book prices need to be low because they’re only buying access to the content, not fully owning it. That needs to change."

It changes in simple ways, like trusting readers.

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